April 29

by Nathaniel Duarte
Good day to all who read this.

I’m Nathaniel. I’ve been asked by our pastor Jonna to write this. It is quite an honor and a task to do this, for I am no scholar. I’m a novice at writing in the ways of faith so please bear with my naivety.

For as it is said in Philippians 4:6, “In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.”

You know it is really something to be naive. It goes hand-in-hand with possibility and sometimes, fear. To give you a “for instance” of how possibility and fear go hand-in-hand and fear’s cousin, anxiety: You could say there’s fear and anxiety in me as you are reading this because for me writing like this is such a intrical part of the way God made my soul, so whether or not it is good or bad or indifferent, being held up to any scrutiny can be a little agonizing.

Just as I believe I can say with confidence, that there’s something historical Happening Here with the shelter in place or a new definition of what it means to be social, will definitely live long in our memories. And I think I can say we all have different levels of fear and anxiety in this time.

Now I know reading this and feeling this and doing this might be a Herculean task, and for others it could be easier. Something I’ve come across that helps me is to pray it out, sing it out, write it out or talk it out with someone I trust.

As the Church, this is our joy – everybody’s in the same boat.

Dealing with the fear and anxiety that we have whatever they may be in our life, because before it gets too overwhelming, the fear and anxiety gives us adrenaline, so let’s use that adrenaline with discernment and the wisdom of Prayer.

So God can give you a better perspective or Outlook on your situation, for this is something I believe God our Father and Jesus Christ himself are anxiously waiting to overflow your cup with everything they are.

I give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to write this, and I say Amen.

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