April 7

April 7
by Judy Bangsund
She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for its burial. Truly I tell you, wherever the good news is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in remembrance of her.”  
Mark 14:8-9

A few days before the Passover (and the betrayal, suffering and death of Jesus), a woman anointed Jesus’ feet with an entire jar of a very costly perfume.  Those around Him were indignant that this perfume had not instead been sold, the money given to the poor.  What a waste! 
But Jesus hushed their criticism.  Knowing what they did not know — that His own death was imminent – He praised her.  She had acted graciously, lovingly.  That’s the way Jesus saw it, and that’s the way the world now understands it.  She had given her Lord a lavish gift of love. 
“She did what she could.”  Today, in the midst of a pandemic, we find ourselves surrounded by need so great or a difficulty so complex that we hardly know where to begin.  An ocean of thirst is out there, and all any one of us has to give is a single glass of water.  We may not even be aware of the depth of need when a situation presents itself, but we feel called upon to do something.  That’s what happened to this woman who simply did what lay before her to do.  It was, perhaps, foolish.  It was, perhaps, wasteful.  But Jesus didn’t see it that way.  And today, those who love their Lord are grateful that this woman did what was in front of her to do – such that Jesus felt loved and cared for during a tough time in His life.  A simple act – magnified 100 times over, because Jesus saw it and called it good.

Let us pray.
Loving and Gracious God, I am so grateful today that a woman 2000 years ago did what was in front of her to do – caring for Jesus at His time of need.  Thank you for prompting her to do that little thing — even though it may have seemed foolish and wasteful at the time.
Lord, we are surrounded by so much need in our world.  So many things are going wrong; so many people are unaware of your love and care for them.  Give me something that I can do – a task that I can undertake, however small and ineffective it may seem.  Help me to love someone else in your name today.  Magnify my gift according to your good and gracious will, that your name may be honored and the Good News proclaimed. 

And Lord, whatever I do – let that small thing also give you honor and delight. 

Hear my humble prayer today.  Amen.

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