The leadership team is organizing an effort to mobilize the congregation in prayer over the Call team and the Call process. This mobilization effort is intended to open the door to God’s will being done at St. Timothy’s and encourage the practice of prayer as a critical discipline in the life of a disciple of Christ. We will be grouping prayer by phases of the Call process. For August and September we will be praying for Guidance and Unity. Please use the bullet points below as a guide to focus your daily prayers, but don’t feel limited to pray only for these points. Pray as the spirit moves you. Please join us in lifting a sweet aroma to heaven!
Pray that the true needs of our congregation come to the surface as the Call team seeks God’s will and guidance about what is next for our church
Pray that no personal agendas surface, but only the will of the Lord
Pray that the pastoral job description intrigues and inspires qualified candidates.
Pray that the job description clearly establishes who and what St. Timothy’s is and what kind of leader we’ve discerned the Lord is calling to our church
Pray that the Call Team would not settle for too little, nor aim too high – that we would attract many qualified candidates, yet not frustrate the process by establishing an unreasonably high bar
Pray that our Lord would speak clearly, that our ears would be open to hear, and that He would move with a mighty hand in guiding our church
Scripture: Ephesians 1:22-23
Pray that the Call Team has clarity and unity as to the characteristics, priorities and goals for our next pastor.
Pray that these criteria are clearly articulated in the pastoral job description
Pray that the Lord prepares the hearts and minds of the candidates that he moves to apply for our Call.
Pray there is no division among or within congregations based on this process
Pray that the process of seeking the Lord’s guidance, the needs of our congregation, and the qualities of our next Pastor would bring the Call Team and our congregation into deeper and more meaningful fellowship with each other and with our Lord
Scripture: Philippians 1:9-11