Preschool Teacher ($22-$25 per hour)

Teach 3 year olds in a Christian preschool


  • While you are entrusted with specific responsibilities related to this position, You are also called to care for the whole school and see your work as integral to the effectiveness of our team.
Spiritual Growth:
  • Be an active member of a Christian church committed to growing as a child of God, living your life as an example to our community and integrating your life as a disciple into our work at St. Timothy’s.
  • Create a learning environment expressive of our Christian beliefs.
Professional Development:
  • Attend scheduled in-service days and community events as per school calendar as well as conferences and workshops provided by St. Timothy’s.
  • Engage in annual goal-setting to further professional development.
  • Pursue professional and spiritual growth opportunities.
Team Member:
  • Eagerly collaborate with other staff members to grow as professionals as well as provide the best possible educational experience for each student.
  • Commit to enhance the mission and vision of St. Timothy’s Christian Preschool and share in the advancement of the mission and vision of St. Timothy’s.
Classroom and School:
  • Maintain a class climate that is warm and accepting, while reinforcing school rules with love and understanding.
  • Provide care, guidance and developmentally-appropriate experiences following school guidelines, and provide educational materials that meet the unique needs of each student.

Please contact Pastor Jim Cords at jim.cords@stlcsj.org for further information