February 11

February 11, 2021
By: Terry Abel

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer.”-  2 Samuel 22:2

Years back I met a friend who was in an especially dark place.  However, despite the challenges she faced, she seemed to have a fairly strong faith. In our bible study group, she appreciated that we could help lighten the burdens she had by lifting her up in prayer.
Having compassion on her, I went the extra mile and sent her a poem about having a grateful heart, hoping it might help her.  It did the opposite. The next time I saw her, she let me know that it actually made things worse.

Perhaps during this pandemic, you may feel a bit like her if people ever tell you to try to have a thankful heart.  Maybe inside there’s a part of you that is angry that this has gone on so long, and will continue for a while. However, it’s good to be honest with your feelings. The weird thing about this woman, is that something about her spirit reminded me of some of the natives I was around in Israel.  When I went to the Holy Land our guide joked that the Israelites, like this woman, had experienced many shortages in their lives, but they certainly had no shortage of rocks.  
My prayer for you today is that despite whatever deficiencies you may be experiencing – physical, emotional, spiritual—with God as your rock, you will be victorious over all of them, and realize that as your sister-in-Christ, I hope my devotions lift you up. As I had hoped that poem on a grateful heart would have helped that woman in a dark place, it is my intention to be of small encouragement to you. 

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