February 18

February 18, 2021
By: Susan Lovelady
“In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s house will be the highest of all—  the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills,  and people from all over the world will stream there to worship.”  Micah 4:1
For some reason I have been drawn to Micah these days, and this verse especially caught my eye after hearing Joe’s sermon last Sunday where he reminded us that;  “anytime in a story where someone goes up a mountain, something significant is probably going to happen…”.   The Transfiguration of Jesus being one of those pivotal moments.  So when I came across this scripture, it put me in such awe –  realizing that God is actually inviting us to be a part of this story, the ones climbing that mountain that is raised above all others, a people streaming towards the opportunity to be close to and learn more about our God, and yes to worship Him.  A place where something significant will probably happen.   
As we begin Lent, I am reminded of the “sacrifices” some of us choose to make as we move in our Lenten journey.  The things we give up to remind us of everything Christ did for us on the cross; our own personal sacrificial lamb.  I also remember when I was in MOPS years ago, ideas about not only giving up things with your family but adding things during lent could also be another way to honor and bear witness during this season.  Things like daily devotions at dinner, personal time in scripture, or make a blessing box.  Or maybe participate more in that beautiful place we call worship.  I realize that this looks a lot different now and can be more challenging to do, but there are lots of opportunities to embrace this “most important place on earth”. Whether that is attending the in-person Sunday worship (where Katie can show you the photo of her Cessna plane adventure – you need to read her devotion for this reference), or worshipping virtually at home, and/or participating in the on-line mid-week Lenten Services.  Whatever “worship” looks like to you, I hope we can be encouraged to add this more to our weeks. 
As the message translation of Micah reads:  “when all is said and done,  God’s Temple on the mountain, firmly fixed, will dominate all mountains,  towering above surrounding hills. People will stream to it and many nations set out for it, saying, “Come, let’s climb God’s mountain.  Let’s go to the Temple of Jacob’s God. He will teach us how to live.  We’ll know how to live God’s way.”
Let’s climb God’s mountain together!

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