January 28

January 28, 2021
By: Gabriel Tseng
For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants. They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar trees by flowing streams. – Isaiah 44:3-4

I love rain and it may be due to it being rainy today or it may be because of the gentle pattering of the rain on the windows while we are inside warm and sipping on coffee or tea. Perhaps it is strange to enjoy rain or it puts me in a melancholy mood. I am excited to meet others who enjoy rain also because so often, I hear that there are many who like sunny days. Even in popular songs, the sun is mentioned as good and happy while rainy and cloudy days are identified with sadness. There are various studies that correlate a lack of sun with the physical symptoms of depression. 

I chuckle when I read the bible at times, because it mentions rain the context of an agrarian culture in which drought and a lack of rain as troubling. When the Lord brought rain, it was often seen as blessing. As God’s people were given quite a tongue lashing to repent, God provided also words of consolation and grace in the form of an analogy, but also a tangible blessing in rain. Even as I read Isaiah, there are tough words to swallow as we reflect on our own sinfulness. Often, I can slip into a spiral of condemnation and in such appropriateness of the Lord’s long suffering kindness, He provides words of grace, not as a consequence of my sin, but a reminder of His continued faithfulness to us. 

I have a type of perception that I have of God that is frankly, at times, untrue. I feel condemned because I have a picture of the principal of my school calling me into his office. I’m in trouble. But his words orient me to see clearly that His grace is not dependent on my perception, but based on His own character and lovingkindness. He will be kind because He is a Kind God, not for me to take advantage of, but someone drawing me to Him, not pushing me away. Guilt and shame will drive me away from the Lord. That’s when I know the voices I hear in my head are not from the Lord. His love and grace continue to draw me near. Like the rain that I can perceive as cold, wet, and dreary, I am reminded that my heart and my thinking is changed by the scriptures, that rain is an abundant blessing in dry and weary times as a token of grace, reminding God’s people that He continues to be faithful. It is ok to not be ok. It is also extremely loving for the Lord to faithfully renew us and love us out of those times. 

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