June 1

June 1
by Pastor Jonna
Read: Genesis 4:2b – 16
In Genesis 3, sin came into the world, promising the painful consequence of death. In Genesis 4, death became a reality. Brother killed brother. Cain killed his brother, Abel, because his brother’s offering was accepted and his was not. His jealousy, anger, and dejection turned to hatred. He is warned by God not to let sin master him and to do what is right. But his calloused heart will not listen. His brother must die.
He takes his brother out into the field, attacks him, and kills him.
The Lord pursues Cain and asks where his brother is. Cain responds that he doesn’t know, and then asks the selfish question we all have asked, “’Am I my brother’s keeper?’” (Genesis 4:9b). His cruel answer is “no,” but the Lord’s answer is a resounding “yes!” The Lord says in verse 10, “’What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.’”
Throughout Scripture, God’s people are reminded that they are, that we are, our brother’s keeper. We are our brother’s keeper. Jesus goes on to further describe that we are the keeper of those who aren’t our brothers and sisters, the keeper of even our enemies.
Last week, the Christian community lost a brother, George Floyd. His life and the good that he did for the kingdom of God were truly gifts to everyone he encountered. His life is mourned by many, but the Scriptural truth is that even if he weren’t a fellow Christian, the Christian community has reason to grieve his loss. Pastor Patrick Ngwolo of Resurrection Houston, in George Floyd’s hometown made this statement, “The fact that you have to build a narrative for a man to be loved and given justice is repulsive to me. Even if he was a capital criminal he deserved to be treated as someone created in his image.” 
As a Christian community, we are called to love and to keep our brother, our enemy, and all people. We mourn the loss of George Floyd and all who die, justly or unjustly, and confess that we often fall short of our calling. We are called to so much more.
Let us pray. Heavenly Father, You have created us in Your infinite wisdom and love, and we have turned so far away from You. We confess that we have not loved our brother and have hated our enemy. Forgive us for our lack of love and continue to shape us into the likeness of Jesus. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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