June 12

by Mickey Miller
Isaiah 41:13
The shelter-in-place has allowed me to think and examine who or what I trust in this life to provide for my every day needs. But most of all, who is worthy and dependable and truly concerned for me and my family’s welfare.
When I was a child my parents provided me with the basic needs and did their best to teach me about God, to go to church, and to memorize some prayers. But when I left home at a very young age, it was up to me to decide who was worthy of my trust and faith. That is when God really became real for me. The fact was, there was no one else I could turn to. My family was miles away in Mexico and I was in the USA, a country so different from mine. The language was different, the people were different, and even the smells were different.
As I look back at all the struggles I went through I can clearly see that God was there helping me navigate through all my difficulties. When I hear stories of people not having a job or money for the rent reminded me of the time when I lost my job in a restaurant, and the rent was coming due in two weeks. I recall saying to God, “please help me to find a job today, let it be where a door is open.” And so it happened – I got a job as a waitress well before the rent was due.
I know it might sound unbelievable to you as you read this, but it happened as I said. In the book of Isaiah God promises to provide for his children in need. “I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your hand and says to you. Do not fear. I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13
God is willing and able to help if you ask Him. My pray is that in this stressful and uncertain time, you would let God lead you through the maze and down the right path. God knows the way that is safe and right for you – trust Him.
Dear God, you are the one who created each of us unique in every way and promised to be with us always because you love us. Help us, I pray, to know that the storms of life are under your control, and take away any fears of tomorrow, for tomorrow belongs to You and help us to enjoy today with you in it. Amen

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