June 5

by Marley Romero
Hope In God
Sometimes in life, it’s hard to see how God is working, especially in hard times. Having hope that he will answer every single prayer and fix all the troubles you might be facing can be difficult. You might feel like it’s not worth it to keep on praying and trusting in him because he may not be answering your prayers the way you thought he would. But, you should always stay trusting in God no matter what.
“Be still and know that I am with you” Psalm 46:10
While this verse may be short, it is also very powerful. This verse helps to reassure you that God will be with you no matter what. Recently, someone close to me came down with COVID-19 after being exposed to it at work. This was very unsettling news to me. I prayed to God every day hoping to see a significant change within the course of just a few days. I tried to understand and see just how God was doing good in my life when someone that I know and love is sick with this virus. I had told Pastor Jonna and my youth leaders about my problems and they promised to keep me and my loved one in their prayers. It made me feel better knowing that I not only had my family praying for that loved one but also my church family praying. But, it was still so hard for me to see that everything would be okay. I stayed praying and hoping that God would heal that person and soon enough he did. Fortunately, my loved one didn’t have the worst case of COVID like so many others around the world. They were able to go back home after isolating for 14 days and I couldn’t be more relieved. But my point in all of this is that whatever hard time you are going through, make sure to put all your trust in God and know that he is working in your life, even if it’s not how you expected him to, and he will always be by your side.
Lord, thank you so much for always being with each and every one of us and working in our lives. I know that sometimes we struggle to see that when we are going through rough times and we want an answer right here right now. God, we put all of your trust in you and know that you have great plans for us. Amen

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