November 16

November 16
by Terry Abel
Trusting God

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.”
Isaiah 55:8

Corrie Ten Boom, who had a deep faith and love for the Lord, and traveled to over sixty countries to speak about Him after being released from Nazi prison, once shared an interesting story about an inconvenient baby who had a special purpose. Staying with a missionary family in an impoverished area in Kenya that had limited access to food and water, Corrie conversed with the mother of this family about her sixth child. Having five children already, the mother said she cried out to God in tears when she found out she was pregnant with her sixth. She was confessing to God that she didn’t want another child. She felt like she had enough children already and had feelings of resenting God’s plan for her to have another. However, she begrudgingly coped with the pregnancy. 

      When it was time for her to give birth, she and her husband gathered all their young children in their car to travel to the nearest mission hospital. They drove to a respected mission hospital where the mother gave birth to the baby. Upon returning to their home, a few days later, they were shocked to find that the greatly feared Mau Mau Freedom Army had come and killed every single white person in their area. If that family had been home, they would have been murdered too.

      The mother recounted that after this had happened, she renewed her trust in God and to trust that His plans for her life, even if they were drastically different from her own plans, were better.

Heavenly Father,
Help this story encourage us to see that our ways are not your ways. You see the future. What may seem like a very undesirable circumstance to us, may very well end up saving our lives. Mold our hearts to be more like yours and to see with eyes of faith in all of our circumstances. With an undesirable pandemic inconvenience, help us to trust that your plans are best and your timing is perfect. Amen

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