November 17

November 17, 2020
By Carol Couper
“Carry each other’s burdens.” – Galatians 6:2

     The apostle Paul urged Christians to help each other. Jesus came to bear our burdens, to carry the weight of our sins, and to die on the Cross for us. The body of Christ functions best when the members work together for the common good of one another. I am encouraged to see our church family meet needs and humbly reach out to those in need and those who can help. 

     Our Grow Group was praying to reach out to someone in need as a group. Our group consists of many “seniors” and take particular care in following the “shelter in place” guidelines. Even in the midst of our limitations, one of our group members suggested that we “adopt” a St. Tim’s teen or middle school student. As we prayed and discerned together, we have enthusiastically agreed to make ourselves available for opportunities.

      Familial relationships during the teenage years can be challenging. Having in-person school canceled is an incredibly impactful change in the lives of the family. Students can feel that their independence is being stifled. Playing sports or attending school events have been opportunities we have missed. There has been a discouraging personal loss of jobs and opportunities. Boredom can be a real issue for a teen while living in an uncertain world.

      One of the kindest things that we can do for them is to listen to them, validating their concerns and reaffirming that they are valued and there is hope. That is why our Grow Group had decided to “adopt” a St. Tim’s middle school student. We have the time to make a phone call once a week with at least one teen, to be available to listen to them and pray with them. I would invite any of you who may have a desire to connect with a younger person to open reach out to Anna-Marie. There are more teens than our group alone can connect with and we’re excited about how God will use our availability.

     Connecting with a teen may not be what immediately comes to mind when you consider how to utilize your time and energies, but there are loved ones, neighbors, and friends that are craving relationship and connection. Offer your help to whomever the Holy Spirit guides you to.

Dear God help us to love others as you love us, and be aware of those around us. Help us make lighter the burdens of others. Amen

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