October 5

October 5
by Tom and Bette Jorgensen
Luke 15:11-32
“Author Henri Nouwen recalls his visit to a museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he spent hours reflecting on Rembrandt’s portrayal of the prodigal son. As the day wore on, changes in the natural lighting from a nearby window left Nouwen with the impression that he was seeing as many different paintings as there were changes of light. Each seemed to reveal something else about a father’s love for his broken son.
Nouwen describes how, at about four o’clock, three figures in the painting appeared to “step forward.” One was the older son who resented his father’s willingness to roll out the red carpet for the homecoming of his younger brother, the prodigal. After all, hadn’t he squandered so much of the family fortune, causing them pain and embarrassment in the process? (Luke 15:28-30)
The other two figures reminded Nouwen of the religious leaders who were present as Jesus told His parable. They were the ones who muttered in the background about the sinners Jesus was attracting (vv. 1-2)
Nouwen saw himself in all of them … in the wasted life of his youngest son, in the condemning older brother and religious leaders and in a Father’s heart that’ big enough for anyone and everyone.
What about us? Can we see ourselves anywhere in Rembrandt’s painting?” (“Daily Bread” Nov. 22)
In the season of darkness we are all experiencing …. the Covid 19, the politics and election, protesting and demonstrating, even the hot temperatures and wildfires …. have you found trust in God’s Sovereignty to “weather the storm”? Have you felt distant from our Father’s forgiving heart and unconditional love?
Have you experienced the pain and heartache of a “rebellious son or daughter”? Are you guilty of “wild living”?
Have you asked ……. How long, Lord, how long?”
Have you complained about the circumstances in your life, asking the Father to “give you your inheritance ….. forgetting that all you have is a gift from the Father …. including your inheritance through Jesus Christ? As the light changes, where do you find yourself?
Let us pray: Heavenly Father, PLEASE transform my actions, thoughts, and attitudes in this time of darkness surrounding my life this day? Lord, please summon “Your prodigals” back home! Enable me to trust you more and find the peace that passes all understanding…..Thank You for Your unconditional love …. Your forgiving heart as I run to You … finding Your arms open wide, just waiting for Your child to come home. I need Your direction and guidance to move forward, even fearful and anxious, knowing that You are in control and want only my best.
Rejoice! You have been “lost and now you are found”!

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