It is our hope that those who are comfortable gathering with protective measures will attend, and those who are in “vulnerable” categories, or who simply do not feel comfortable physically gathering, may remain at home to worship online until this significant health risk ends. As a church, we will do our absolute best to be responsible with this opportunity to gather, recognizing that there will not be any way to eliminate all risk.
As you can imagine, there are requirements to help ensure a safe environment for us all. An online reservation is required to attend as we are limited on group size by Santa Clara County and mandated to keep a list of all who attended. Face masks for those over 2 years of age are required (except on those who it is medically inadvisable to wear one). Members of the same household may be seated together but at least six feet of distance needs to be maintained from other households. The complete list of safety protocols are below.
Please take the time to read the protocols before you sign up. They will be updated as necessary.
9 am traditional and 11 am contemporary
Reservations open on the Monday before the service and close on Thursday or when full.
1. How will communion work?
Answer: If it is a communion Sunday, at check-in you will be given an individually sealed communion packet that contains both the wafer and juice. You will hold on to this until the pastor instructs you to open it and we will all commune together. You can take your mask off momentarily for communion.
2. Why are reservations required to attend church?
Answer: There is a limited capacity for attendance set forth by the government. We are also mandated by the government to keep a list of all who attended for contact tracing if that becomes necessary.
3. When I tried to make a reservation there were only 2 seats left but I need 4, what should I do?
Answer: This means that almost all the seats are gone. You will then have to add yourself to the waitlist to see if we have any cancellations. You could sign-up for the 2 seats but there is no guarantee we will have any additional seats available and therefore only 2 of your household will be allowed entry.
4. How safe it is for us to be returning to in-person worship?
Answer: We are abiding by all the state and county mandates (mask, social distancing, sanitizing, etc.). While we can’t get rid of all risk, we are minimizing it to the best of our ability.
5. I know I don’t have COVID-19 but I have a runny nose and cough. Can I still attend worship with my mask on?
Answer: To ensure the safety of everyone, please stay home and worship online. You can join us when you are symptom-free.