September 11

September 11
by Rick Mark
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11: 28-29.
This past week we celebrated Labor Day as a nation. Challenging as it may be for the millions laid off from their work. I recently was part of those millions. It was a difficult time and caused me to lean into God and trust. I am back at work and working harder than I could have ever imagined; however, it feels good. What feels even better, is resting in the Lord when it is the Sabbath.
These two simple verses from Mathew’s gospel remind us of Jesus invitation to come to him and rest. Jesus knew as God’s son; we work hard during the week and then we need a time of rest at the end of the week. He invites us to rest. This is a reminder if you are not building this as part of your rhythm of life. INVITATION 1
As his followers we need rest, but he calls us to action. He calls us to grow in him. On September 13th, we continue our mission to grow spiritually as a congregation. Grow groups start as part of our fall spiritual launch. You have had the summer to rest, now it is time to act. Tammie and I are hosting a group this year as well as many other leaders. Check to see what day and time of the week is right for you. There is no reason we can’t have almost 100% of St. Tim’s membership signing up for Grow Groups. INVITATION 2.
In our Grow Groups, we will be reminding you of our Up/In/Out relationship with God. On September 19th we invite you to an out activity. For the 6th year, we are doing an out activity to support members in our global community who lack clean water. We partner with the global mission group “Water Mission”. In the first 5 years, St. Timothy’s along with other churches in the Silicon Valley have raised over 500,000 dollars which is used to build water filtration systems and share the good news of Jesus Christ. For the next three years we will be supporting those in need in Peru. I invite all of you reading this (and every member of our grow groups looking for a great out activity) to go to St. Tim’s web page and sign up to walk. The focus is different this year with COVID. We begin and end with a Zoom meeting. In between you can walk alone, with your family, with a friend or with your neighbors. INVITATION 3.
Dear Lord, thank you for giving us times to rest and times to work. Inspire all of us to accept these simple invitations and along the way, share them with others. AMEN.

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