September 28

September 28
by Terry Abel
Glorifying God
“Let the Lord be glorified.” – Isaiah 66:5

There are many ways to glorify God.  I feel like sometimes our pastors do it when they deliver an especially outstanding sermon that touches our hearts and inspires us to change our lives.  Because we are all different, there are varied ways that we individually can bring glory to the Lord.  I can remember Anna-Marie Valles once commenting during a confirmation service that you can even bring glory to God by taking out the trash.

 In Corrie Ten Boom’s Tramp for the Lord, she meets someone who glorifies God in a most unusual way. After being released from a Nazi prison, Corrie spends years traveling to over sixty countries and speaking about the Lord. She recalled one trip to Russia where she met an old crippled woman who was confined to a sofa and a bed and had only one finger on one hand that worked.  This person spent her life translating Christian books and stories into local dialects so people could understand them.  She did all this typing with her one good finger on an old typewriter until the day she peacefully passed away. 

I felt this was a wonderful example of glorifying God despite physical limitations.  She did extraordinary things with just one finger working.  Corrie was puzzled as to why this zealous Christian was never healed by God.  The crippled lady’s husband felt like the reason was because all the other Christians in the city were monitored by the secret police.  However, because this woman had been suffering with multiple sclerosis for so long, no one ever checked in on her, so she was free to do translation work that would likely cause others, if caught, to be imprisoned.  

Heavenly Father,

It’s not about the limitations we may or may not have, but the effort we put forth with the gifts we possess that matters to you.  Help us to utilize these gifts to glorify you. In the Loving Shepherd’s name we pray.   Amen


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