VBS-at-Home Day 1


Jesus’ power helps us

do hard things.

Trust Jesus!
“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Read Acts 9:1-19

The Bible makes it evident that God often asks his followers to do hard things. Noah built an ark. Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son. Mary bore the Son of God. Ananias had the terrifying job of reaching out to Saul.

To understand the difficulty of Ananias’ job, it’s important to realize just how much Saul hated the early church. He approved the stoning of Stephen, arrested Christians in Jerusalem, and set his sights on imprisoning Christians living in Damascus. Christians ran away from Saul—not toward him!

Ananias’ name means “protected by the Lord.” It’s likely that his parents didn’t know the importance of such protection during this important, history-altering mission. 

In Acts 9:15, God doesn’t ease Ananias’ misgivings with words of comfort or empowerment. He simply shares his life-changing plan for Saul and urges Ananias to go. Because of his selection and obedience, Ananias got to be the first person to welcome Saul as a Christian. In spite of any misgivings or fear, Ananias warmly greeted Saul with the phrase “Brother Saul.”

The Bible says, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”


Christ is another name for Jesus. Jesus’ power helps us do hard things.

He gives us the strength we need to power through sadness or confusion or mad feelings.

Let’s sing a song about Jesus’ awesome power!


All week long we’ll get to know Bible Memory Buddies who will help us remember our Bible Points. All our Buddies are animals that you could find somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Rams like Ramsey have a special ability to scale and stand on very steep ground. It’s too hard for predators like bears to bother them the higher they climb. God gave them the feet they need to cling to cliffs and do what’s best for them by doing something hard. Ramsey will help everyone remember that Jesus’ power helps us do hard things.

Strong muscles and superpowers are things we usually think of when we hear about power. But God has more power than either of those! God has the power to create mountains and oceans, just by speaking.

 God has the power to love and forgive and comfort and heal. God is even more powerful than death. Jesus is God’s very own Son — he has all that power, too.

 This week we’ll be talking about how we can trust Jesus’ power to help us every single day. And later in the week, you’ll hear about the lifesaving power of Jesus’ blood.

 Now let’s meet Cam Track, an engineer from Rocky Railway who needs some power to get his train back on track.

Today we’re discovering that Jesus’ power helps us do hard things. Trust Jesus!

In today’s edition of KidVid, we’ll meet a friend named Dominic who loves to do karate. It’s a sport that focuses on self-control while it strengthens your body and mind. It involves special kicks and movements that may seem hard to do.
As you watch today’s video, be on the lookout for how Jesus helps with the hard things Dominic has to learn.

What’s something in your life that you like to do even though doing it can be hard?

How can you rely on Jesus to get you through these hard things?



Today we’re going to make Off-Rail Rollers to help us remember that Jesus’ power helps us do hard things.

Watch the video to learn how to make your roller, and use the “Try This At Home” sticker to guide your activity.

Sometimes we all have to do hard things and we may not understand why. We may not be able to control what’s happening. Our lives seem to be going in all different directions, just like the Off-Rail Roller.
Without Jesus, we have no power. But with Jesus’ power, we can do hard things!