VBS-at-Home Day 2


Jesus’ power

gives us hope.

Trust Jesus!
“So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord!” Psalm 31:24

Read Acts 27

After Paul became a follower of Jesus, he fervently shared the news of Jesus everywhere he went. In Jerusalem, Paul encountered a group of men who opposed his teachings. These men began a riot, accusing Paul of spreading false doctrine and of defiling the Temple. Guards arrested Paul and threw him in prison. The following years included trials, death threats, secret transfers to other prisons, and finally a trip to Rome where Paul could plead his case before Caesar.

In Acts 27:9, Paul notes the sailing season in connection with Jewish observances. Sailors typically only sailed from Pentecost (May–June) through Tabernacles (after the Day of Atonement in late September or early October). Roman sailors resisted sailing in November, as it typically proved dangerous.

The sailors battled the fierce storm for at least three days, using every trick they knew to secure the ship and survive hurricane-force winds and waves. Finally, the weary seamen lost hope of ever being saved. At this low point, Paul shares the hopeful news given by God.

God’s message of hope, conveyed through Paul, rang true for the soldiers, the sailors, and the prisoners. God’s angel assured Paul that “none of you will lose your lives” (Acts 27:22). However, after the shipwreck, the soldiers planned to kill the prisoners so they wouldn’t escape. (Roman law mandated that a soldier who lost a prisoner had to take that prisoner’s place!) “But the commanding officer wanted to spare Paul, so he didn’t let them carry out their plan” (Acts 27:43). And, just as the angel said, not even a prisoner died.


Everywhere we go, Jesus’ power pulls us through—no matter what twists and turns life has in store!

That’s why we’re so glad that Jesus’ power gives us hope. Jesus doesn’t just fill us with happy things. Jesus’ power is deeper and stronger than that.

The Bible says, “So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord!” 

Let’s learn a new song called “In You Alone” to remind us of what hope can do for us. 


Today’s Bible Buddy reminds us that Jesus’ power fills us with hope, letting our hearts be light!

You know, it wasn’t easy to learn to fly, but Ava kept hoping that one day she’d figure out how to ride the wind and soar way up in the sky – and she did!  Hope helped her not give up, and now she gets to see the world from high above. She’ll help everyone remember that Jesus’ power gives us hope.

Sometimes in life it feels like all we see is darkness. There doesn’t seem to be much hope or good in the world. But Jesus’ power gives us hope! 

It feels amazing, special, and even golden when we find hope. But sometimes you have to keep your eyes open to find it. You have to move aside the yuckiness to see it. You have to shine Jesus’ light into dark areas and look closely. 

What do you think is the difference between living with hope and living without hope? 

Watch today how Cam is discouraged and hopeless about delivering the trainload of treats.

Today you’ll get to see a video about a girl named Analiz who plays a really surprising instrument. 

You know, music is an amazing thing. It can make us happy when we’re feeling sad, it can calm us down when we’re upset, and it can literally change how we think and feel. Jesus’ power helped Analiz use her musical talent to bring hope to her grandmother. It’s so amazing to me how Jesus puts people in our lives to comfort us and give us hope. 

Who in your life brings you comfort and hope? What do they do?

What’s a talent you have—something you’re good at—that could bring comfort and hope to someone?

Hope lifts our spirits, like bubbles lift into the air. And bubbles are beautiful, just like the hope we have in Jesus is beautiful.

Today’s Sciency-Fun Gizmo reminds us of bubbles—but it’s way more fun! It’s called a Hope ’n’ Hover. Now it’s your turn to watch the video to put one together.

Sometimes we’re up, and sometimes we’re down. The hope Jesus gives us can always lift us up! And we can share the hope we have in Jesus with our friends and family members. Then they can be lifted by the hope of Jesus too!