VBS-at-Home Day 3


Jesus’ power helps

us be bold.

Trust Jesus!
“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” Isaiah 40:29

Read Acts 3:1–4:31

In the name of Jesus, Peter and John healed a lame man at the Temple gate. The man celebrated the miracle so loudly that a crowd gathered. Peter, making the most of this instant audience, stood up and boldly shared the good news of Jesus.

The priests who heard Peter’s message were most likely Sadducees. Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection, nor did they believe in the existence of angels or spirits.

These leaders also maintained loyalty to the Roman government and sought to maintain the status quo.

At the time, most Jews could read and write, but few—if any—received rabbinical training. Such an education would have made them skilled at lengthy theological discussions. So when Peter and John boldly preached before the Sanhedrin (a crowd of highly trained priests), the judges marveled at their ability and noted that they must have been with Jesus.

After Peter and John’s release from prison, the church gathered around them for prayer and praise. It’s interesting to note that they don’t pray for the persecution to stop but that God would give them the boldness to continue sharing the news of Jesus in spite of their suffering.


Train whistles are big and bold because they have important messages to communicate. Sometimes God wants us to be bold, too! 

Sometimes we have to stand up for what we believe. We have to say things that are unpopular. We need to share what we believe about Jesus…even though no one else feels the same way. Being bold can be hard—but you’re not in it alone! Our Bible Point today is Jesus’ power helps us be bold.

Let’s sing a song about a powerful train we all want to be on!


Our Bible Memory Buddy Sierra is a mountain lion who sometimes likes to be quiet. And sometimes she boldly pounces!

Sierra is known by a lot of different names, such as mountain lion, puma, cougar, panther, and catamount. Big cats like Sierra are known by so many names because they are bold enough to roam all over the Americas! She’ll help everyone remember that Jesus’ power helps us be bold.


We’re learning lots about trains, tracks, and trips at Rocky Railway. Sometimes trains take passengers through scenic tours of the mountains. It’s gorgeous, but it’s not flat. The mountains have a lot of ups and downs, just like life.

Maybe you don’t always feel bold enough to tackle the ups and downs. But Jesus’ power can change something inside of us, and give us the power to be bold.

Watch and encourage Cam to boldly take his train down a steep track.


Today you’ll get to meet Lauren, who trusts Jesus to help her boldly share his love. 

Sometimes stepping out and boldly showing Jesus’ love can make us feel nervous. Maybe you wanted to tell someone at school about Jesus, but you were too shy. Or maybe you wanted to offer to pray for someone, but you were afraid the person might make fun of you. Sometimes we may feel weak or powerless to help others, but the Bible reminds us that Jesus gives us his power!

Have you ever wanted to help someone, but something kept you from doing it? 

Think of a way you could boldly serve Jesus and help others. Remember, think bold!

It’s time to introduce today’s Sciency-Fun Gizmo, the Bold Blaster!

Without the power pack, the Bold Blaster is kind of a dud, but when you add the power pack, the Bold Blaster really becomes bold! 

Without Jesus in our lives, we’re kind of like the blaster that was a dud. But with Jesus, our boldness can reach new heights! Jesus’ power helps us be bold!