VBS-at-Home Day 5


Jesus’ power helps us

be good friends.

Trust Jesus!
“Love each other in the same way I have
loved you.” John 15:12

Read Acts 2:42-47; 4:32-35

The book of Psalms mentions prayer more than 60 times—more than any other section of Scripture. The book of Acts comes in second, recording the importance and occurrence of prayer about 34 times. Clearly, the early church relied on prayer for hope, communion, healing, provision, and unity. Communication with God became a critical part of their community.

Scholars believe that the early church probably met in Solomon’s Colonnade, a porch along the inner side of the Temple wall.

Many of the first Christians came from Jewish backgrounds, meaning they probably already followed God’s command to give to the poor (Deuteronomy 15:4-8). Uniting and caring for others may have been a natural connection with their faith family.

Acts 4:33 records the great power with which the apostles testified about Jesus’ resurrection. It’s likely this refers to a boldness given by the Holy Spirit but might also indicate that their life of unity and joy became a powerful witness to those around them.

While Acts shines a light on the rapid growth of the early church (Acts 2:47; 4:4; 6:7; 9:31; 21:20), in a city of around 200,000 people, they still represented a minority of the population. This small band of believers needed to stick together and support each other.


All week at Rocky Railway, we’ve been learning about Jesus’ power. And today we’re discovering that Jesus’ power helps us be good friends. Jesus gives us advice about exactly how to be good friends, in John 15:12 it says “Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”

What do you think would happen if we used Jesus’ power to show his love and goodness to the world?

Sing along with “We Can Trust Him” because we can always trust in Jesus’ power to help us show his love!

We have one more Buddy to meet…and he is going to introduce our Bible Point.

Elk like Lawrence make a very unique sound. It’s called bugling, and it’s a high-pitched, screeching sound that you might not expect from big animals like elk! They bugle loudly, and it helps them be good friends by keeping track of everyone in their sometimes large herds. He’ll help everyone remember that Jesus’ power helps us be good friends.

It’s fun when we make connections with our friends!

But sometimes we do or say, or our friends do or say, things that hurt our friendship. For example, a friend might tell us a lie or leave us out of a game. A friend may say mean or unkind words. Those things can pull our friendship apart. When we’re friends with Jesus, we can trust his love and power to be friends who stick together even when it’s really tough. Jesus’ power helps us be good friends.

Let’s hear about Cam’s troubles with a new crew member.

Today we’re learning about two good friends, Renee and Alina. 

Friendships don’t always work out as well as the relationship that Renee and Alina have. Sometimes you think someone is a friend, but then something happens to change your mind. Maybe the person you thought was a friend talked behind your back or made fun of you. Or maybe you hurt a friend’s feelings and the friendship ended. 

Good friendships are special and important in our lives. But that doesn’t mean friendships are always easy. That’s why we’re so grateful that Jesus’ power helps us be good friends.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your friends?

In your life, what do you look for in a good friend?


We know that steam trains get their power from either wood or coal. So you can use both Wood Power Beads or Coal Power Beads to make a Power Band.

We get our power from Jesus! Every day at Rocky Railway we discovered something new about Jesus’ amazing power. So you’ll add one cross bead to your Power Band to help you remember Jesus’ power in your life.

Every time you wear your Power Band, you can remember that Jesus has amazing power and he uses that power to help us!