What is Village House
Village House is a network of south bay area churches providing year-round monthly rotating shelter for up to 15 fragile homeless women while they work with a network provided case worker on programs designed to provide stability for their lives.
St. Timothy’s Involvement

St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church has been a participating church in the Village House network since the Village House inception in 2017 offering overnight shelter to these vulnerable ladies during the month of April. In addition, our next door neighbor, San Jose Christian ReformED Church, has operated a day shelter in conjunction with our overnight effort. Both the overnight and day shelter typically require significant volunteer support with close to 800 volunteer spots for the month ranging from intake hosting, meals, transportation, laundry, overnight supervision, morning discharge, day shelter supervision, activities and bible study/devotion.

Christ’s Calling

Jesus calls us to serve others less fortunate. Please come join others in our congregation in being the hands and feet of Christ by supporting this vital San Jose program to help those in need, while also getting to know others in our San Jose faith community who volunteer for our hosting from other local churches.