Eldercare/Visitation Group
The Eldercare/Visitation Group visits shut-ins once a month; either in their home, a retirement facility or a nursing home/rehab facility. These people are primarily members of St. Timothy’s congregation that can no longer come to church but would love to have a visit from another church member. Usually these visits are made by two volunteers together.
This is a very rewarding ministry and you will get as much if not more back from the experience. Many of these shut-ins love to have a devotional read to them and to share church news and memories. Along with these visitations, we also want to reach out to any non-Christians that we may meet.
Visitation Responsibilities: Your time commitment would be at least one visit per month plus attending a Volunteer Visitation meeting once a month on a voluntary basis. The purpose of these meetings is to share (confidentially) any concerns about your visitation, being a part of a wonderful support group, prayer, and sharing a devotional Bible reading.
If you are interested in becoming a part of
St. Timothy’s Visitation Program or want any questions answered, please contact: